Bits Of My Weekend

fresh paint job
hard work
num pang
cat fort
mackerel shirt
cold enough
new york breakfast
cold hard chillin'
fresh paint job

As always, you can click on the photos to read (possibly) more info about them on flickr!

Eeeeeeendless errand running, sore feet, many a margarita, impulsive living room painting, sore limbs, cooler weather (long sleeves were worn!…with shorts, but still…), school clothes shopping (for Billy, I got to put my shopping addiction towards him), two movies (both good for very different reasons), Cambodian sandwiches, and honestly, not as much lounging as I had planned for. But I’m kind of bad at being lazy lately*. No complaints.

*Kind of a lie because we skipped running Sunday morning. But please see reference of many a margarita and sore limbs for reasons why…