Fall beginnings

Bass Two Tone Saddle BootSkinny Suspenderstapered trousers
Matt Bernson Gitanesclusters of gold ring
Gerald & Stewart CapeMayflower topAlexander Wang Duffle

Hello friends. It’s been a while since I unloaded some shopping urges on you! Fall has a way of making so many of us catch the shopping bug though, no? Even though the new year is months away, the fall always feels like the start of a new year, a leftover school days feeling. As a kid, I remember thinking each new school year that I’d transform myself into someone cooler with a new wardrobe. It makes me cringe thinking about some of my first-day of school outfit choices! While my motives are different than back then, I still give my wardrobe a bit of a re-vamp each fall. This year I’m stocking up on more pleated pants than jeans, basic t’s with more interesting details in cotton and silk, and giving suspenders a try. (In a non-hipster manner, I promise you. Think Annie Hall.) I’m still a sucker for lace-up boots and capes, and I’m still on an epic quest for a new bag. The Alexander Wang bag is way the heck out of my price range, but the color and material is perfect. (Not to mention I’m not a fan of the spikes on the bottom you can’t really see in this photo.) Anything new you’re trying out/wanting this fall?

update: links are fixed! I was brain-dead when coding this last night, apparently.