Friday Bits

Highlights from the blogland this week:

Are you following Lily’s amazing adventure across America with her husband and two dogs, pulling along a revamped Scamp? Dream trip, people, dream trip. This week she shared photos from Glacier National Park, a magical place that even impressed me when I was 14. Nothing impresses 14 year-olds! If you ever get the chance to visit, please do.

A while back Meighan shared this awesome “Haters Gonna Hate” gif by These Are Things I couldn’t get enough of. Then this week Julie shared a link to the print. The timing is so perfect, that bad boy is mine mine mine.

Really amazing work by Hernán Paganini over at Little Paper Planes.

bird watching chairMartha’s cat Fritz is constantly cracking me up. I mean, need I say more? Look at that pose.

I’m enamored with this Japanese margarine packaging at Hello Sandwich. I don’t even like margarine and I want it.

checking our emails
Camera time

And finally, Wendy was a little bummed out that she didn’t get much action in Bits Of My Weekend. Here we are checking our emails in our usual spot every morning. At the computer is the only time she will ever sit on my lap, and my lap only. Princess Wendy has rules.

Thank you for the very wonderful comments about haters and my photos. I wish I could shoot film every weekend, though weekends as fun as that are kind of rare. This weekend I’ll be slaving over Monday’s shop update, I haven’t done a big regular shop update in so long, I forgot how much work it is! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!