Friday Bits

Highlights from the blogland this week: (I didn’t save as many things as I usually do, I admit)

First and foremost, just when I got extremely excited over the new Sufjan Stevens EP, he decides to pull a (good) fast one and announce ANOTHER new album, a full release this time, out October 12, which has absolutely nothing to do with the All Delighted People EP and will be a departure from his usual sound. Pitchfork shared one of the new songs, “I Walked” this morning and my mind is blown by how awesome it is. If you liked his Dark Was The Night track “You Are The Blood”, you’ll probably dig this song. It will be on repeat all day, I can tell you that. You can listen to it here, or I’m streaming it above (doesn’t show up in Google Reader, so click on over!)

Nomadic layering over at TeenAngster, from New York Times Magazine. The layering is awesome, but can we also talk about that bag? Want.

Beautiful ‘Aura Portraits’ by Anna Von Mertens over at My Love For You. Seriously, so amazing.

Yet another reason to visit Sweden: the Kolarbyn eco-lodge on Please Sir. I always wanted to pretend I was living in David The Gnome, my favorite cartoon as a kid (which I had NO idea was a Spanish show re-dubbed in English til just now!)

Takin' care of business
And lastly, I thought I’d share what Wendy’s been up to lately: trying to get at some baby birds hanging out on our air conditioner outside. At first I thought they’d built a nest under the a/c, but now I think they were just from a nearby nest and were learning how to fly and also taking refuge from the crazy rain we had. I finally just pulled a chair up for Wendy because she was driving me crazy trying to climb taller than the pillow boost Billy put out for her. They’re gone now, but she still sits below, waiting to see if they come back for her entertainment. It’s funny that she couldn’t ever see them, just saw their shadows and hear them chirping. What a tease!

Have a great weekend, everyone!