SNAP Dark & Stormy

Last year I declared my love for the deliciousness of Art In The Age’s ROOT liquor (along with half of the blogosphere) and this year I have a new boozy love: SNAP. While hanging out with the Num Num Girls a few weeks ago, they treated me to a taste. It was love at first sip (and sip and sip and sip…) I had to get some for myself. I used my blogging powers for good (reporting to you about delicious liquor is super important business) and got my lucky paws on some and made the best damn Dark & Stormy this side of the Rusty Knot (a top contender.) I used unfiltered ginger ale and spiced rum (spiced rum was not necessary, but it was what we had and worked just fine.) SNAP is a lot like ROOT, but instead of leaning towards a rootbeer flavor, it leans towards a gingersnap flavor. It tastes kind of like Christmas, really. The Dark & Stormy was Summer refreshing, but the fine folks at Art In The Age provided a list of delicious recipes, and one involving whiskey, bitters, orange juice and honey was the perfect Fall cocktail.

It’s available in the fine city of Philadelphia for purchase, but also online for some states where legal (sorry, Washington.)

PS. It’s also super delicious on vanilla ice cream.

PPS. Be careful friends, this stuff is deceivingly strong.