Bits Of My (previous) Weekend

Because my film photos are split into two different weekends, I thought I’d split the posts up too between today and tomorrow, so as to not overwhelm you with 23 photos all at once. Plus, the weekends were so incredibly different it’s too weird to combine them. I used a different film, Fuji X-TRA 800, than usual (Fuji Pro 400H) because I wanted a faster speed since I knew I’d be taking a lot of indoor photos. I’m not super crazy about the results. The higher speed barely helped the low light, the contrast is a little higher than I like, and it did strange things to the color in shades of light. But, I’m not unhappy with them at all. Anyway, here’s last weekend!

Big Guns
nice texture
Franklin Fountain
Oyster House
Franklin Mortgage & Investment
cantaloupe pops
sheet jungle
end of summer drink
end of summer meal

24 hours in Philly is not enough. But then again, 24 hours is a perfect little trip, and we got most of Sunday to relax and not feel overwhelmed by going back to work Monday. We took a crazy cheap Megabus ride, which was an incredibly pleasant experience (I braced myself for a similar horrid Chinatown bus to Boston trip I had once), and stayed in a great little B&B that was super affordable. We ate oysters (and fries, and clams, and and and), hand-made ice cream, and downed delicious cocktails*. We walked and walked and WALKED and gawked at beautiful old buildings, and did a marathon-trip through the museum of art. We barely skimmed the surface, and I wish we could have seen more, but there’s always next time. And of course, I bought a bottle of SNAP. Which, who am I kidding, is the main reason I wanted to go to Philly.

*We basically planned our itinerary around the Num Num Girls‘ trip to Philly. I trust Caroline and Lisa with all my food eatin’ heart.