Bits Of My Weekend

rady for bakin'
tiny pie in hand
blackberry tiny pie
Queens sunset
family dinner
deep night
cat fort
us + cat hotel
cat on cat action
tiny pizza

I mulled over this post for a while, writing and re-writing too many details, the ups and downs, the good and the bad. But I deleted it all and decided to keep it short as that’s what I’m trying to do lately. The 3.5 day weekend started horrible awful, then it got better. Another weekend of taking frustration and bad luck and showing it who’s boss. Billy’s MFA opening on Friday was at first a classic “anything that can go wrong will go wrong” evening, but then it got better and so many wonderful friends braved the Queens train disaster to come out. Our apartment was briefly infested with flies (despite the fact that we are super clean people), but between Billy and our nice landlord, they’re gone and the apartment is better. We had dinner with Billy’s parents who were in town, we ate and drank our way through Eataly, and I had an incredibly productive Sunday and Monday that were the opposite of what Labor Day is all about. Oh, and of course, there were more tiny pies: apple, peach, and blackberry. No weekend could be terribly awful if it involves tiny pies, right? Not to mention beautiful, beautiful weather. The cool breeze coming through my window now is pure heaven.