Friday Bits

Dream engagement rings by Satomi Kawakita on Unruly Things. Alyson is the queen of finding amazing rings!

I gotta admit something: I don’t think Don Draper is sexy. I want to punch him in the face this season of Mad Men, and sometimes I catch a glimpse of him and think he’s kind of goofy looking. But this photo of John Hamm behind the scenes (combined with his previous adorable stint on 30 Rock) made me realize that while I am not attracted to Don Draper, John Hamm can be my boyfriend any day.

Moshun from Jeroen Krielaars on Vimeo.

My coworker sent around this AMAZING animated typeface called Moshun. The idea of an animated typeface excites me in a way that reminds me what I love about being a designer.

I know many of you also read Smitten Kitchen, but this peach shortbread recipe looked too amazing to not share. I love shortbread more than words can describe. And peaches? My summer love.

And two personal bits…

pink night
A pink sunset last night

A good place to lounge
And for you Wendy fanatics (you know who you are), Wendy’s favorite thing on the whole world: Billy’s beat-up shoes. She’s also been enjoying a shoebox lately.

Have a great weekend everyone, and stay dry East Coasters! Monday is a holiday here in the states, so Bits Of My Weekend will come Tuesday, but a Music Monday post will still be on its way!