Friday Bits

Highlights from the blogland this week:

Fantastic interview with one of my favorite artists, Stacey Rozich, on My Love For You. I rarely read a whole interview in my google reader, but I read this start to finish and loved every bit of it. I’m super sad Stacey and I weren’t able to align our schedules to meet up when she was here recently.

A beautiful photo of Meryl Streep on Untamed Lion, via Reference Library. Just because.

Wedding invites usually rank high on my list of things I don’t usually get too excited about (there are just so maaaaany blogged about out there!), but Tamera’s invites are so incredibly creative and fun they stopped me in my tracks. They came inside a custom made box filled with trinkets handpicked for each guest. I would die of excitement if I received an invite like this!

Lisa Congdon’s wonderful blog, A Collection A Day, is being turned into a book by Uppercase! I knew that this would be inevitable for the amazing series, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Sandra posed the question today: who was your first love? I thought the timing was uncanny because just last night I found mine on facebook. You know how you think that everyone you know is on facebook and there’s just no more discovery left? But then one night when you’re bored you come across a random photo via one of those terrible Mean Girls you went to high school with that you felt strangely obligated to accept a facebook friend request from, and there in the background is a familiar smile. The boy you were so lovesick over when you were 10 years old, you’d lay in bed and sob over his perfectly parted Jonathan Taylor Thomas blond hair. And he’s not the same person anymore (or is it just you that’s not the same person?): into hunting and Glenn Beck, is a father and married to a Mean Girl, still lives in the little town you grew up in that you cannot stand and you probably couldn’t hold a conversation to save your lives now, but that smile on his face is exactly the same as it was when you were 10 years old. You just have to ignore the camo and gun in his hand. Ah, facebook, you crazy beast.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Bits Of My Weekend won’t come til Tuesday again as I’m shooting a roll of film. Fashion Night Out + 24 hours in Philly = hopefully great weekend photo material!