Friday Bits

So I’m sure by now you’ve heard about this crazy tornado-like storm that rolled through NYC last night? It was quite possibly the craziest thing I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve seen storms back in the Northwest, but a storm that only lasts 30 minutes that intensely strong? Madness I thought reserved only for the Midwest. It did the worst damage in Brooklyn, where Jenna took this incredible photo above, and in Flushing, Queens, where Billy’s school is. It took him FOUR HOURS to get home last night, when it normally takes 45. He’s going in to take pictures today if the buses are actually running, he says it’s like a war zone. I’m sick of reading comments on news sites from Midwesterners telling us to quit our bitching. When a tree falls in NYC, it most definitely hits something! You have to understand that a city this compact is so easily affected by the smallest interruptions.

For my fellow Gleeks: behind the scenes of the new season.

The Reluctant Father: an incredible photo series and words from a new father about his transformation from confused to pure love. Left me so misty eyed yesterday, I dare you to not feel moved by its honesty and love. via P.

I’m so inspired by Silvia’s DIY table made with hairpin legs. I don’t even need a new table, but I want to get some myself!

I can’t stop staring at this beautiful photo by Paul Octavius that Alison posted in her blogosphere round-up on Etsy. The colors are amazing, I want to make a necklace inspired by them.

I’m finishing up my roll of film this weekend, so Bits Of My Weekend should come on Tuesday when I get the photos back. Have a great weekend, everyone!