Friday Bits

This week has been kind of crazy for me, so just a few great blog posts I had time to love:

Solna Centrum
Until Famapa blogged about it this week, I had no clue Stockholm had such crazy awesome subway stations. She posted some great links to photos, like this one above. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a cave when I’m in the NYC subway stations – nasty stalactite-looking drips that I don’t care to know the source of, and dripping water – so why not just embrace it and go for a cave decor?

Marta makes me feel lame for not making special Sweet Dreams packaging for my necklaces. Look at those beauties! Dang. via Amy

Seeing what Martha’s been working on lately made my heart skip a beat. Those colors!! I cannot wait to see her Fall collection.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I am so looking forward to sleeping in til an unreasonable hour tomorrow.