Bits Of My Trip (not really)

Well, I guess I was taking a big risk using that damn lomo camera on our trip, because if by chance you heard a scream from an unknown source around 5pm EST, it was me getting off the phone with my film shop when they called to say my roll was blank. 36 shots of nothingness. Serious fist shake. So, I got nothin’ but this photo I stole from Billy. It kind of looks like I’m nekkid, but I promise you I’m wearing a bathing suit.

So I’ll just ramble and open up a little to you guys. I haven’t rambled in a while.

It’s hard to easily sum up how our LA trip went because to be honest, it was kind of a roller coaster of emotions. The weather was amazing, the sunshine and foliage filled me to the brim with happiness. While the architecture certainly had its blah moments, my favorite thing to do was drive around the back streets up hills and look at cute little Spanish bungalows and old-Hollywood style apartment buildings and fantasize about living around all the cacti, succulents, and lemon trees. The people were so friendly, the tacos delicious, my LA coworkers wonderful. But driving everywhere lead to a lot of getting lost, which lead to a lot of yelling and confusion. There is no grid! There are no numbered streets to follow! Thank god for having an iPhone, or I’d still be in Silver Lake trying to find my way back to Sunset right now. To go from never driving to always driving is stressful. I don’t mind driving at all, but god, driving somewhere you’re not familiar with sucks big time. When I drive in Seattle I know what I’m getting myself into, there I did not.

The other thing that got us was that we do not handle time change well, so we were up and out the door every morning too early to visit most of the places on my to-do list, and then had to come back to Burbank, where we stayed with my uncle, and were then too tired to go back later for dinner. This is where I must mention that my uncle was an amazing host. A free place to stay, a free car to borrow, access to a pool, and let us do our thing all week. I’m one lucky niece, I tell ya.

Flying back on Saturday, we both noted that after the last few trips we took, we were not excited to come home to New York. Now back in the city, where the weather is 25 degrees cooler and raining, and the city seems to be against me as always lately, my head is swimming with decisions, as I’ve discussed with many of you already. Friday, funny enough, marked my fifth year of living in New York City. Five years of more change and adventure that you can imagine. But maybe you’ve picked up on my love for this city slipping lately? Am I ready for a new adventure in my life? There are so many more things to say about this topic, but I decided long ago this blog would not be for hashing out feelings. To be continued.

Wendy, keeping her paw warm in this chilly weather. We can’t have a weekend bits without her.