Bits Of My Weekend

locanda verde
dessert whore
I have good friends
birthday present to myself
lunch shots
pumpkin jam
birthday indulgence

While my memory is a bit fuzzy trying to remember my birthdays in the past, I can at least say that this was my best birthday since living in NYC. Billy took note from the years past and figured out that I don’t care about gifts, I just want to be taken out and surprised. To have the whole night planned out for me where I don’t have to worry over where we’ll be going next and what we should do. He took me to the restaurant he works at, where they fed us like kings (really, really glutenous kings – our table neighbors must have thought we were insane…or famous), and then took me to a “secret” location, where my friend Emily presented me with my dream cake that I had completely forgotten I had emailed to Billy, as a joking request, weeks ago. My heart exploded.

If it looks like my entire weekend revolved around food, you are correct. The rest of the weekend was filled with more ridiculous food indulgences and and lots of “stop being so good to me new york, I need to quit you” moments, because this city is damn near perfect in October. My belt and grin are two inches wider.

ps. Most of the photos I took Sunday were reserved for a special project I took part in, so I’ll share those soon!