Bits Of My Weekend

nervous waiting
your turn
pizza night
pumpkin pancakes + bacon
Kelly, workin' it
supper club
Wendy's besties

Tattoos + cuddling + perfect Fall weather + eating myself stupid + haircut + a long walk home (screw you, G shuttle bus, I like walking) + superbly amazing Supper Club (where I drank myself stupid, thanks to Kelly) + too many photos to choose from.

The why behind the tattoo will come later, but I will say for now that it’s for New York City, and someday soon something from Seattle will go on the other arm. And then I will run out of arms for the next chapter, so maybe a tramp stamp. I kid, I kid. I know I still owe you a next chapter post, but things are still being sorted and it’s still too soon to say yea or nay here on ye olde blog.