Friday Bits

It’s been too crazy of a week to pull together blogland finds, so we’ll have a Friday Bits throwback and I’ll share some personal bits.

Jewelry Class Students
Some of the final pieces the students in my jewelry class made at Lena’s. So sad it’s over, it was so much fun. What a talented group of ladies!

squirrel watch
Squirrel staring contest, taken by Billy. Someone obviously pays attention to my photo taking.

Lauren is good people
A spot-on birthday card from my friend Lauren. Included was a bag of my favorite snacks, including cheddar bunnies. She took me to see Easy A too, which was highly entertaining.

Have a great weekend, friends! I’m looking forward to a haircut + supper club. I’m shooting film this weekend (with the camera that ACTUALLY WORKS!), so photos won’t come til Tuesday. xo