Let’s Talk Mad Men

**I’m going to talk about the Mad Men finale, so stop right here if you haven’t watched it!  You’ve been warned**

I would like to derail my usual blog topics and talk about my favorite TV show. (Again, MAD MEN SPOILERS!!!) Did anyone else scream loudly WHAT THE F@#$%??? WHAT THE F@#$%??? WHAT THE F@#$%??? Like, 18 times, watching the Mad Men finale? I finally had time to watch it last night, and pulled the covers over my head (we watch TV on our laptop in bed) in sheer terror of that marriage proposal. The complete insanity of it all. The MADNESS. But I don’t think I hated it – I just can’t full absorb what happened I’m in such shock (but damn, I love a good shocker finale!) I also wanted to strangle Betty for the 5th time this season, despite her not making too many appearances. Overall I loved this season to pieces. The episode where Peggy and Don bonded was one of my favorite moments in television history. I loved watching Don try to change, Peggy try new things, and other characters fall apart and pick themselves back up again. I can’t wait to see what happens next season. What did you think? Tell me everything.

PS. Did you know that the slightly creepy neighbor kid Glen is Matt Weiner’s son?

In related news, Purple Deer is selling a Johnathan Logan dress that’s pretty much identical to one of Dr. Faye Miller’s dresses. Someone should buy this amazingness and go as a heartbroken Faye for Halloween. Runny mascara, telephone in hand. Or just wear it every day because it’s so, so beautiful.