Loves Lately

habu thread

One fun thing about teaching a class is not only teaching other people something, but learning from them as well (I know, cue “The More You Know” jingle here). A lot of my students purchased supplies from stores I’d never even heard of, which was exciting for me. In a city like New York, supply stores for ridiculously specific things are literally on top of each other in the oddest places. Monday I took a quick trip up to Habu, a place Patricia told me about, which is this amazing Japanese thread and yarn store. It’s eight floors up in tiny office on 29th street, and baskets of beautiful thread and yarn line the walls. I nearly died and went to heaven. Every material you can think of, including paper and metal thread! I bought the lovely bundles above, and I cannot wait to make necklaces with it.

red lips

I recently saved up all my empty glass containers from M.A.C. and got a free tube of lipstick (they recycle the containers – such a great program!). One of the girls there helped me pick this beauty out, a vintage matte in Ruby Woo. It makes me feel like a 40s movie star. Though I had to take my glasses off for this photo because of the glare the sun was causing, so I feel a little less like a movie star once I put them on. Ha. It doesn’t budge for hours too, which I’ve never found before in my life. Because it’s matte it does get a bit dry, but overall I’m pretty jazzed about it. My key to bold lips like this is to barely wear any other make up. Just mascara on my eyes or I look like a clown. I get requests from time to time for what makeup and other girly such things I use, so I might do a post on that someday soon.

Also, as soon as I have a free moment, I’m going to elaborate on my last post about moving. I think perhaps I was worried about putting my feelings out there and held back and was too vague. I also don’t want people (especially my coworkers) to read that and think I’m throwing darts at a map to decide where to live. I didn’t realize I hadn’t explained that LA is the only contender, so I can keep my job. More later, perhaps tomorrow. I love all your comments and support about the topic.