Music Monday

Even though I’ve talked about it plenty already, I can’t let today today’s Music Monday go by without mentioning that tomorrow is the release of Sufjan Steven’s new album, Age Of Adz, and I will be springing from bed first thing to download it on iTunes. I’ve been streaming the album obsessively on NPR lately, but I can’t wait to get it on my iPhone to take that obsession with me on my commute. At first I was shocked at how different it sounds than his usual sound, but I now love it more than anything else he’s ever put out. Even Billy loves it and wants to use some of the music in some of these crazy video pieces he’s making lately. We rarely share music obsessions, so this is pretty exciting for me. Anyway, his musical genius gets me excited about music in a way that I think is really essential for me in life, and I would prefer not to discuss how insanely sad I am that I missed out on getting tickets for his tour. If anyone out there has NYC tickets they need taken off their hands… :)