Steve Burns, man of the hour

1996 was the height of my babysitting career.  I made the rounds throughout the neighborhood, from relatively easy to deal with cousins (I’m the oldest of seven grand-kids and we grew up in the same neighborhood) to snot-nose brats who locked me in a closet for two hours (true story). You know what else was at its height in 1996? Blues Clues. I can still to this day recite you the “mail time” song, tell you exactly what the host, Steve, wore and remember the exact feeling that show put into the pit of my 13-year-old stomach: agony. Therefore you can imagine my intense curiosity upon seeing that THE Steve Burns, former host of Blues Clues, was on the Moth podcast last week. And then my ridiculous enthusiasm overflowed because it was one of the best Moth podcasts I’d ever heard. And trust me, I’ve listened to like, every single Moth podcast there is. He’s hilarious, charming, and engaging, and hell, I had a crush on that man by the end, even though I had no idea what he looks like these days. You’ll have to listen to it for yourself to find out what it’s all about.

Until now. Because yesterday I was flipping through the latest New York magazine, and there’s his friggin’ amazing bachelor pad in Williamsburg.

The return of Steve Burns? I can dig it.