Trendcentral re-vamp

I don’t normally – er, make that ever – talk about my job (my real, grown-up day job, not my “I make and sell necklaces whenever I feel like it” job), but today I’m rather proud of something I designed at work that I can actually share with you, and by now everyone I work with knows about my blog. My company puts out a daily newsletter called Trendcentral, which leans towards the marketing-set, but covers other things like fashion, food, entertainment, technology – the list goes on and on of all the cool goodness. While our content is top-notch (have I ever told you how amazing my coworkers are?), the previous site was terribly in need of a face-lift. I was given the challenge to redesign the site over the summer, which I happily and excitedly accepted.

Today is the much-anticipated relaunch, and I couldn’t be more jazzed. If you want to sign up for Trendcentral, you can sign up here. One time I pulled together some picks for a cat-themed article* and terrified all my coworkers with my cat obsession. See, it’s awesome.

*of course, I did not write that article, nor do I have a hand in writing in any of them. Look at all that correct grammar and punctuation over there!

ps. this is in now way a sponsored post, nor was I asked to do it, I just think highly in my company and coworkers and want to pimp our awesomeness.