Bits Of My Weekend

paw to paw
new motto
sunset, in transit
imagine, if you will...
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A relatively unremarkable weekend full of getting lots of little things done, but an important lesson was learned: I sold half of my clothing of Buffalo Exchange on Saturday (a grueling process), which taught me how much CRAP I own. Most of it wasn’t worth more than a few bucks, and most of it I had only worn a few times. Never had the truth that I hoard clothing been more clear to me – that I buy fast fashion crap that I don’t even love and then bury it in my closet. Easier said than done, but with the Internet as my witness, I do believe I have my New Year’s resolution. More on that later, I haven’t quite put a ton of thought into it yet because I have bigger fish to fry!

On a more uplifting note (though I am actually pretty uplifted by that goal), thanks to the wonders of this blog, it looks like we’ll be subletting a sweet apartment in Venice when we get to LA. We are super pumped, and feel a little less stressed. Crossing our fingers now that our friends will be signing a lease soon to take over our current apartment! Then there will only be a couple things left to keep me up at night. Repeating my new motto constantly…

ps. I didn’t take a photo, but I made this carrot ginger soup this weekend and it was difficult to not eat the entire pot to myself. Healthy, too! Unlike certain other recipes that made me laugh. I’m looking at you, Ina Garten…