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A relatively unremarkable weekend full of getting lots of little things done, but an important lesson was learned: I sold half of my clothing of Buffalo Exchange on Saturday (a grueling process), which taught me how much CRAP I own. Most of it wasn’t worth more than a few bucks, and most of it I had only worn a few times. Never had the truth that I hoard clothing been more clear to me – that I buy fast fashion crap that I don’t even love and then bury it in my closet. Easier said than done, but with the Internet as my witness, I do believe I have my New Year’s resolution. More on that later, I haven’t quite put a ton of thought into it yet because I have bigger fish to fry!

On a more uplifting note (though I am actually pretty uplifted by that goal), thanks to the wonders of this blog, it looks like we’ll be subletting a sweet apartment in Venice when we get to LA. We are super pumped, and feel a little less stressed. Crossing our fingers now that our friends will be signing a lease soon to take over our current apartment! Then there will only be a couple things left to keep me up at night. Repeating my new motto constantly…

ps. I didn’t take a photo, but I made this carrot ginger soup this weekend and it was difficult to not eat the entire pot to myself. Healthy, too! Unlike certain other recipes that made me laugh. I’m looking at you, Ina Garten…


  1. says

    I had a New Year’s Resolution this year to only buy one article of clothing a month … and it did cut out me buying stuff from places like Old Navy and Forever 21 … but I didnt quite achieve the goal of buying “quality designer timeless” stuff because alas … I am still a poor college student! Still though, it was definitely a challenge and I recommend it to anyone!

  2. says

    Lexie, I definitely think that would help! Not just about buying more quality items, but just buying less in general and thinking items through.

  3. says

    I have the opposite problem I think. I tend to buy clothes, and then I throw them away when I get tired of wearing them, but then later, I wish that I had them because I would think “oh this new thing would have gone well with that thing I *used* to have” Well poo! So, I’m trying to do two things: 1) be more conscientious about what I’m buying and 2) instead of tossing clothes (unless they really are ruined or don’t fit) to just put them away and then every so often go through that to do something “closet shopping” instead of keeping everything out.

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    I’m loving the “Too Blessed 2 Be Stressed”! I need a copy of this for my sanity. Congrats on finding a place and overcoming your clothing hoard-ness ;) Venice is awesome – exciting!

  5. Courtney says

    I’ve been working on that same thing. I donated over half the clothes in my closet recently, which made me wonder how much money I have spent on fast fashion crap! I then made a list of the few items I actually need, and I don’t buy anything unless it’s on that list. I also don’t buy anything unless it’s the best quality I can afford and fits perfectly. It’s been quite a shift for me, but it feels so much better. Good luck to you, Kate! Can’t wait to see all the changes that are in store for you.

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    I first learned of “too blessed to be stressed” a couple of years ago from a Black friend of mine – she told me that it’s a saying from the Black community and it has been around a long time. I do love it.

  7. says

    Oh my goodness Kate, I know that exact feeling! My 2010 resolution was not to buy clothing from chains or department stores, which I’ve stuck to so far. A month and a half to go! I feel so much better about not wasting time in cheap, same-same stores; my bank account has been healthy; and my clothes are unique as I’ve been supporting smaller designers (who I now don’t mind paying a little more for), local boutiques and of course, I’ve been buying vintage (more than usual, anyway)! But I like Lexie’s idea too – maybe that can be mine for 2011!

  8. says

    I definitely know the feeling! I’ve bought a TON less this year, for several reasons, and it feels pretty good to have pared things down to stuff that I truly love and can wear anywhere. :) So awesome if you guys get a place in Venice – the canals are beautiful and then you’re not too far from the city proper!

  9. says

    3 things:

    impromptu dance parties are something to strive for
    that poster is a friendly reminder, just what I needed
    your cat is so dang cute.


  10. says

    apropos of ina — i love it when she says something like, “i know it sounds like a lot, but 4 sticks of butter in this sauce will actually feed 4 people!” i mean, i love her food, but c’mon!

  11. says

    Venice is awesome, you should make it over to Ventura when you get the chance. There’s these worn stone steps that go right into the ocean. Amazing. I feel like im betraying my east coast roots but the west is the best :)

  12. says

    that soup (or a version of it that requires roasting the ginger and carrots first) is my go-to in the desert. i mean, it *was* my go-to. when we lived in the desert. and had a kitchen. (damn you, india).

    and omg: ina garten and her butter problem. homegirl can pack some serious butter into a recipe, right? xo.

  13. says

    Congrats on the Venice sublet!
    That actually sounds super fun.
    Best of luck with the move, I totally hear you on the fashion hoarding thing.
    I had a huge yard sale when we moved and it felt hard-but very freeing in the end :)
    Best of luck with all that is to come for you two~xo abby

  14. says

    I love your new motto. Thank you for posting it because now that I’ve seen it, I want to apply it to my life! Good luck with the move btw. I lived in Los Angeles for four years and plan to move back there next year. You’ll love living there. There’s nothing like sun 24/7, 365 days of the year (haha).

  15. says

    Wow, you stay away from blog-land for a little while and everything changes around you! Had to scroll back through all previous posts to find your announcement – but congrats, hope the West Coast treats you well, and good luck with getting ready.

  16. sonora says

    congrats on the sublet!

    whilst you’re in venice, be sure to eat at mao’s kitchen at least once.
    they’ve got brilliant chinese food, home-made ginger ale, and spring rolls that are the size of a small burrito and only cost a dollar.

    good luck with the move. :)

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