Bits Of My Weekend

little pretties
prosecco + aperol
more sleep, please
been a long time
real comfy
more glow
all aglow
baked shells
her spot, my spot

(click on the photos for possibly more information on flickr!)

While we didn’t leave the apartment much, I feel really good about this weekend mostly for the sheer volume of things we got done. I beat the odds of trying a new allergy medicine that knocked me off my ass, finished all the necklaces for the shop update, took all the photos for it, and managed to make two amazing meals. I even woke up at 9am and cleaned the fridge on Sunday. What? I also did something that felt super weird: I spent hours researching what car we should buy. Can I tell you how foreign that is? But I’m really good at researching things so I feel confident in my narrowed-down options (combined with Billy’s dad who actually know things about cars helping me.) Fist! Pump! (Sorry I’m going to use that phrase a lot lately, it accurately describes how I feel every time I accomplish something for the move.) Also exciting: our friends signed the lease on our current apartment this weekend! Yay getting our deposit back! (this is where I do another fist pump.)

p.s. historic vertical photo allowed in the bits here today. historic.

We’re going to Ohio for Thanksgiving Wed-Fri, so I’ll be skipping Friday Bits this week! Have a great Thanksgiving to all my American readers, and a wonderful week and weekend everyone!