Bits Of My Weekend, part 1

I decided to split my weekend photos into two parts: Part 1: Day trip to Storm King, Part 2: Long Island City (a day of awesomeness coming to me)

hey you
in a row
I match
Anything but mellow yellow
can you see him?
mirror mirror

Are you eyes bleeding from the color? Mine are, and did. This was my first real trip out of the city to see the leaves, despite living in NYC for over five years. Ridiculous, I know, but renting a car and getting out isn’t the simplest task ever, and isn’t always the cheapest either. Saving for moving be damned, we really wanted to see Storm King – a sculpture park almost two hours out of the city – before we moved, especially in all its Fall beauty. It was magical. If it wasn’t so cold I could have spent all day there! I wish I could have captured our drive up, too, on film. We blared Sufjan (the perfect soundtrack) and took turns pointing at trees saying, “good lord! whoa! do you see this insanity?” And we weren’t even out there at the height of its vividness. I realize I didn’t take very many photos of the sculpture looking at my photos, which makes me laugh. But it was all so very wonderful.

Oh New York, you are hard to say goodbye to sometimes when you go and do a wonderful thing like this to me. But then Billy points out four words to me: “We. Are. Skipping. Winter.” Oh heck yes we are.