Bits Of My Weekend, part 2

get ready
no shame
21st st
Lines & Shapes ladies
book lookin
new necklace
making necklaces with my assistant
my assistant gives up
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A cold day where I could step outside of my apartment and be greeted by the NYC Marathon immediately, then walk five blocks and enjoy the Art Book Fair. Sometimes LIC ain’t too shabby like that. Said hello to Lena and Mav, got ridiculously overwhelmed by wonderful books (and restraint, no more books can enter our apartment right now!!), made new necklaces in bed with Wendy for hours, and said goodbye to the sunshine at way too early 4:30pm.

Between Storm King and this lovely Sunday, one of my favorite weekends in a long time.

ps. you may notice that I took my email address off of the sidebar over there. This doesn’t mean I don’t want people contacting me, I just can’t accept any more submissions right now. I can’t express to you the stress that is creeping over my bones right now with moving! If you want to say hello and don’t have my email, just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! It’s really just a way of letting you all know that I don’t want to neglect you, because I’ve been horribly neglecting submission emails lately. Friday Bits might even have to go to the wayside soon. Anyway, I’m not being anti-social, I just need a little break until the new year. I hope you understand.