Friday Bits

photo by piperaudrey

I don’t have time for a full-on Friday Bits post, but I thought I’d take a minute to note weekend plans worth mentioning.

Zipcar + Storm King (Jenna convinced me)
ING Marathon right outside my door
NY Art Book Fair right down the street (I’ll be there Sunday morning roaming, say hi if you see me!)
Making so. Many. Necklaces. Because I really need the money for the move! (and you guys need some holiday presents to give, right?)

Little Winter (a thousand tears I can’t go)
Extended deadline to have Vic take a photo for you, inspired by your name (I did it! So excited to see the results)

Still haven’t decided if I’ll load the film camera or not, so Bits might come on Tuesday. Decisions, decisions.

And, of course, thank you a million billion times over again for the amazing response to my moving post this morning. It feels awesome to have so many people cheering us on. Good lord I love you all.