Friday Bits

olo nationale

I can feel the panic starting to take it up a notch in my bones. Today marks exactly one month until we leave (we’re leaving a week earlier now that the sublet we found is open then). I’m desperately trying to get my shit together and pack the least amount of boxes to ship without losing said shit, while at the same time trying to make necklaces for a shop update, while at the same time trying to say goodbye to New York by doing fun things, while at the same time trying to hang out with friends one last time, while at the same time starting to worry a lot about how Wendy will hold up for six days in the car and strange hotel rooms. I excel at the art of magically pulling things together at the last minute, but this time I wonder if my magic is a little low on the pixie dust.

So, I paint my nails metallic (wet ‘n wild – which I have not purchased since 7th grade, but is pretty great) and wear a new scent (OLO Nationale, found via Anabela, haven’t quite decided if it’s for me yet) to ready myself to be a new person in a new place who keeps her shit together with magic pixie dust (occasionally) like it ain’t no thang. Because I can. Because I have to. My eyes are on the prize though, and the promise of a fresh start and a new experience is like liquid gold through my veins right now. I will pack boxes like a champ! I will make necklaces like a maniac! I will have fun! I will be a good friend! Nothing could be worse for Wendy than what we rescued her from, girl has it good, cats are kind of dumb and forget things quickly!

I want these nails
A poster from Erin for our new place
A family portrait like this or these
Good stories
Dogs Don’t Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving

A shop update is going to be the first week of December (exact date still pending!) for those of you who have asked. Sorry that cuts it a bit close for Christmas. I think I have a pretty good reason, though…

Have a wonderful weekend!

ps. Sorry for using the S word three times. It was necessary for the story and I was raised by wolves.