Music Monday

I know Halloween is over and I said I wasn’t much in the spirit this year, but I did manage to get somewhat in the spirit because The Rocky Horror Picture Show is on Netflix streaming, so naturally I had to watch it. I realized halfway through that it’s been 10 years since I watched the whole thing! Only bits and pieces for learning dance moves (shhh, another time). But besides getting in the Halloween spirit, there are some pretty amazing scenes in this movie (and some pretty insanely weird ones, of course), and I HAD to erase my memory of that HORRIBLE Glee tribute from last week*. Seriously, can we talk about how bad that show has gotten? I still watch it every week, but not a single episode has made me feel the way last season did. They completely derail every episode with annoying side stories and rarely feature great music anymore. The Britney episode had such promise and great music, but the effing dentist plot? I couldn’t handle it.

Anyway, I get chills when Tim Curry comes down the elevator. Magic.

*OK, Mercedes as Dr. Frank-N-Furter was pretty awesome, but not enough to change my mind about the episode.