Sea Change (a lengthy annoucement)

photo by Victoria, who perfectly captured my favorite part of LA- those dang hills.

(I bolded the important parts in case you’re all like, screw this paragraph madness!)

I’ve been dropping hints left and right, and have told pretty much every person I know outside of the internet, but I’d like to make the formal announcement that on December 26th, Mr. William Steinman and I are bidding New York City adieu and driving across the country to our new home, Los Angeles. When I first proposed the idea on this blog that perhaps moving there might be an option, right after our vacation there at the end of September, I wasn’t being 100% honest with you. I made it sound as though the idea had just entered my head, when in fact it has been an idea of ours for almost six months now. I just couldn’t be completely honest with you here because so many people read this blog, but I still wanted to throw such an idea out there to see what the reaction was. I get so very very very many comments about people who are jealous that I get to wake up to this city everyday – a city of wonder and opportunity, that I thought you might balk at the suggestion of needing out. But the response was quite the opposite – so many of you could understand why a person couldn’t live here forever, or you too live here and feel claustrophobic as well. I felt really comforted by that response.

That is not to say by any means that we’re leaving on a low note. I still love New York City with nearly every inch of my heart, and cannot even write that sentence without feeling overwhelmingly emotional. There is not one single thing that has ever happened to me that changed me as much as moving to New York has. You could say that everyone’s lives change drastically in his or her mid-twenties, but mine was something I don’t think could have happened had I stayed in Seattle, still living the life I was living before. But I’m ready for something new. I don’t want to go into all the things that bother me and make me want to escape, because this is not a complaint letter to New York, but rather a thank you. A thank you for changing my life, for giving me a career, for influencing my style, for breaking up a marriage that wasn’t meant to be, then introducing me to the love of my life, for helping me overcome some of my shyness and anxiety, for giving me the ability to meet so many talented wonderful people, for exposing me to a culture and a vivaciousness no other city could ever compete with to me.

LA was chosen because I can keep my job that I love, a closer proximity to our families on the West coast, and a general interest and love for the city. The idea of exploring a new place excites me to no end. I love the ocean and I love sunshine – I’ve never been able to get used to East Coast weather. I’m excited for Bits Of My Weekend to chronicle new adventures and discoveries.

Another piece to this adventure is that we’re getting rid of pretty much every single thing we own because the cost to move it outweighs its worth. We’re just shipping clothing and small things that matter the most. Hence my shopping ban previously mentioned. I physically cannot buy anything else to add to this move! This is the second time in the past five years I’ve had to get rid of almost every single thing I own. But for some reason it’s harder this time. I guess the older you get the harder it is to have that nomadic spirit of your youth. But honestly, as long as I have my shoes, computer, and cameras, I’m good to go in life.

If you’ve read this far, you trooper you, I will now ask that if any of you know of any apartment sublets in LA for the month of January, please let me know! We need to find a sublet not too terribly far from my work (in Century City) for when we first get there since it’s impossible to rent an apartment long distance. I’m having some trouble finding a sublet that will allow Wendy (who of course will be coming along on this adventure!) Wendy is such a clean, quiet cat that sleeps all the time and doesn’t ruin things, but it’s hard to convince a stranger of that.

So! Stay tuned, and now know in advance why I might be a little absent lately or my weekends a bit boring – I’m spending them making piles the size of me to donate and sell. I’m barely sleeping at night I’m so stressed thinking about everything that has to be done or if I’m making a terrible mistake, but luckily I have my logical thinking boyfriend to keep the cool head in this situation and remind me that if it doesn’t work out, New York will always be here for us again, no warm done.

ps. LA bloggers, hit me up! I need to build a network of blogger buddies out there like my lovely group here in NYC.