Shop Update Heads Up

New necklaces will be in stock in the shop this Thursday, December 2nd, at 8pm EST. A preview of every necklace will be in the shop Tuesday or Wednesday evening.

I really pushed hard this time for this Fall/Winter collection to have more of a cohesive color pallet and aesthetic than previous updates, picking warm hues that remind me of the transition of the two seasons. I also made a small change to the classic friendship-style necklace by adding brass end caps – both for a more cohesive aesthetic with the crown sinnet style, and also added strength to the structure. A new style I made for this update, available in a limited quantity, are beautiful leather and vintage lucite necklaces that are a nod to this past summer’s Indian Summer necklaces. I’m really excited about every necklace in this update, and I hope you are too!

Check back later in the week for the preview of all the necklaces, or sign up for the mailing list for a reminder. This will be the last update until February or March when I can get my business set up again in LA.