Bits Of My Weekend

good intentions
a good pillow
winter sunset
about time

I’ll warn you now that next weekend will look just as boring as this one, for Taking Care of Business will be our A #1 priority in the coming two weeks. But, I can’t pretend that’s the only reason my weekend was pretty uneventful. Saturday I learned that I cannot hold my liquor like I used to and spent most of the day bed paying for a wonderful Friday evening saying goodbye to some of the wonderful bloggers I’ve met in NYC over drinks (emphasis on that plural there) at Dutch Kills. I didn’t even drink that much, but those drinks are dangerously strong and delicious, and again with what I said about holding my liquor these days… While I wish I’d resisted that last drink, it was a great night and I got pretty misty-eyed walking (er, stumbling?) home in the freezing cold. So, Saturday I spent the day plowing through The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo while packing here and there and eating saltines. Sunday I cleared my beloved desk out to sell* (more misty-eyedness) and made up for that lazy Saturday with lots of Taking Care of Business. I have to say that I wish we were leaving next weekend rather than in two weeks because we’re so ready. But instead I get to live off of a handful of clothing and two pairs of shoes (a serious issue for me) while the rest if packed and ready to go. I’m anxious to say the least. That’s better than completely under-prepared.

Anyway, soon you won’t have to listen to me talk about moving and we’ll get back to fun adventures. Soon! Also, I have a very special guest blogger scheduled for my two-week break over the holidays. Fist! Pump!

*We’re selling my wonderful vintage mid-century desk and matching side table if anyone is interested. This is the only piece of furniture I own that seriously pains me to leave behind. LIC pick-up only, CL email goes to Billy, but you can email me instead if you’d rather. Sold!