Bits Of My Weekend

glowy Saturday
Let me hold these for you
rainy Sunday
swedish ginger cookies

Just like Sandra has been saying lately to her city, a slow farewell. Slow until yesterday I realized out-loud, “this is the last Sunday we will spend lounging around in this bed.” On Friday, what seemed like every soul I’ve ever met in NYC came to wish us goodbye at LIC bar and we took over most of the bar. I learned my lesson last week though and only drank two beers. Besides, I wanted to be coherent, knowing full well that it might be the last time I see some of those people. Sure, there’s always the possibility of coming back, and there’s always the possibility of visitors in LA, but I’ve made a cross-country move once already so I know that’s not always the way it works. But, miraculously I only cried once. It was a truly wonderful time.

The rest of the weekend was spent taking care of boring tasks and lots of reading, and one glorious meal at Walter Foods (please have their [fancy!] fried chicken, it’s mind blowing). We closed up the very last box – ready for FedEx in a couple days, and our week of living out of a few suitcases and with just a couple dishes begins. Lots of takeout is ahead of us. The walls are bare, it feels real.

Please don’t go anywhere this week because a best of NYC through Bits Of My Weekend is coming every day. Talk about making me weepy…