Bits Of My Weekend

Mossy apple tree

Oscar and his hedgehog


french bakery treats


Sunday sunrise

ah, stumptown

stir it up

rick's latte

a real tea party

wrapping gifts


tiny touch

wet shoes

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Hi! I’m so excited to be posting a few things while Kate is away on her cross-country journey and especially honored to do a “Bits Of My Weekend” post. I so look forward to Kate’s photos every Monday.

This weekend was all about relaxing. Saturday was mostly dreary all day so there was plenty of time for cardboard boat building with out daughter Audrey and wrapping presents for far away friends and family. We got a sitter and had dinner at Thaiku in Ballard followed by not one, but two lovely Christmas parties. It was a late night (when you know you’re getting up at 6 a.m. with a small child) but well worth it to hang out with friends. Due to the aforementioned late night, a visit to Stumptown Coffee was in order Sunday morning. I have a thing for that place, it’s coffee magic. We followed it up with a trip to Kinokuniya books and Uwajimaya, in the international district. Audrey pointed out all the babies she saw while we shopped for groceries and looked at Japanese packaging and trinkets.

Stay tuned for Friday bits and possibly another post mid-week!