Friday Bits

Before sharing some favorites from around the blogosphere this week, I just want to thank you all for a successful and wonderful shop update last night! Necklaces sold out faster than they have recently, which I think I have the holidays and Cool Hunting to thank for that (or for you, blame?). Sorry for those of you who couldn’t snag one for gifts you were planning on. Your emails are so sappy sad story right now it’s kind of cracking me up (because we’re not saving lives here folks), but I believe our move in two weeks (ahhh!) is a good excuse for not making more. New necklaces will probably be a while because of the move, but as always, stay tuned. ps. there’s ONE leather & lucite left, which I had not noticed until now. Snag that baby up!


Love these dresses by Ermie, shot by Jeana, SO MUCH. The photos make me pumped about LA, too.

I can’t decide which color I want more. via Alison.

A festive looking plate that will also double as non-festive later. via Frecklewonder

Amira Fritz via Freckle Farm via Booooooom!

Julia does it again: an amazing new Rennes duffle bag. After the shopping ban ends, this will be mind. Oh yes.

The super talented, wonderful, new bun-in-the-oven wonder Jamie started a beautiful new venture, Cactus & Quail. Paper goodness for everyone!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!