Friday Bits

Kelly of Nothing Is New took us on a virtual visual road trip over the summer, exploring photo archives. It was truly amazing, and now there’s a beautiful (and super affordable) book I will be promptly buying after moving.

brownie heaven
I shared my very favorite dessert recipe over on Eat.Live.Shop

Arlie of Urban Revisions shared some of her new glass jewelry with me and they are amazing. I have one from her clear glass necklaces and love it to pieces. Arlie is also making a cross-country move to LA, just one month after me. It’s a fun coincidence, I do believe.

N.E.E.T. The Book is available for purchase now (scroll to the bottom of that post for the purchasing options), and yours truly has a spread! I haven’t seen it yet as I can’t order a book until after we move, but I will be sure to share it with you when I get my greedy paws on it. I’m a featured “N.E.E.T. People” alongside some pretty stellar ladies. There are five different covers by different illustrators, I’m definitely going for Gemma Correll’s as I love that girl.

MCMC samples
In a recent effort to choose a new fragrance that every single girl I know does not also wear (Burberry Brit and Coco Mademoiselle, I’m looking at you), I decided to order a sample kit from MCMC. I’ve grown to really love my Nationale scent, but want to try something a little fresher/less spicy to alternate with. I love the sweet little tags on the MCMC samples, and I’m having a hard time choosing! They all smells so good. I’m going to wait to make a decision until after we move in case the change of weather and scenery makes me want something different (highly likely!). But right now I love Hunter best, which is funny as it’s the spiciest and darkest scent of the kit – but not nearly as much as Nationale. Maybe the bitter cold is influencing that…

Have a great weekend, friends! Monday is my last Bits Of My Weekend post from NYC! Then I’ll be sharing my favorite NYC moments from Bits all week (oh lord is it making me SAD putting them together!). After that I’ll be on a two-week internet break while a former For Me, For You regular fills in for me here.