Friday Bits

Happy New Year’s Eve folks! Hope you all have a restful end to 2010.

A few bits of the web that caught my eye this morning:
A laid back Swedish kitchen. Simple and sweet.

A black, white and gray ensemble that made me look. Those heels would make me trip in an instant, but I love them nonetheless.

Screen shot 2010-12-31 at 8.22.41 AM
I’m excited for a little weekend getaway to Portland next week. We’re staying at the Ace and hope to try Clyde Common for dinner. Have you been?

A pretty astrology necklace to celebrate my upcoming birthday, from Kimberly Baker Jewelry.

And with that I’m signing off! A special thank you to Kate for having me back on the blog while she was away on her cross country journey. I so enjoyed sharing with you and photographing bits of my weekend. Thank you for all your lovely comments, you are such kind readers!

Kate will be back with Bits Of My Weekend on Monday!




  1. says

    Andrea, you’re the cutest. What a delight to get a glimpse of Kate’s best ya-ya’s world for a week. Hope you enjoy a marvelous trip to Portland and the ACE! (Side note on ACE appreciation: my huz and I used to stay at the ACE in Palm Springs when it was too damn hot in Joshua Tree for two very specific reasons- 1. poolside margaritas and 2. you can bring your DOGS. I know. Amazing.)

    Happy New Year Andrea, and Kate, WELCOME TO LA!

  2. says

    Guh, I have been meaning to visit Clyde Common for MONTHS, ever since I saw it on my way to a dentist appointment and snagged one of their paper menus. Hope you have fun in this wonderful city!

  3. Abbie says

    you will love the Ace. and the grilled steak at clyde common is way better than you would expect. and be sure to get a pastry from the stumptown in the lobby– they’re from the little t bakery and are a-ma-zing.

  4. says


    Great guesting!! Loving the swedish kitchen set-up, if only we could be so spic-and-span!

    We are UK based pillow-creatives – we would love you to come and take a look at what we make : )

    With warm wishes


  5. says

    As a Portlander, I highly recommend the Clyde. Their food is great, the drinks are better, and the lighting somehow magically makes everyone looks so beautiful. A perfect combo! Have an awesome time in our fair city…

  6. hillary says

    I love the Clyde Common! Really great drinks – the bartenders are superb. And I love that you can bring your pup to the Ace! My bulldog was Mr. Popular last time I stayed down there. The staff at the Ace was great – so much fun!

  7. says

    As co-creator of Clyde Common, I am so happy to hear all the raves! Andrea, if you would like any more suggestions, write me and I’ll send you my Google Maps for Portland.

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