Goodbye New York, Part 1

This week I’ll be sharing my favorite New York moments from Bits Of My Weekend photos from the last two years (in chronological order), in anticipation of our move on the 19th.

bedroom glow
hey, cat

this is where I live
fridge polaroids
hey, different cat
don juan ...billy
plane over my 'hood
the view
japanese dinner
we iz lazy sometimes
go team
thug life
chair recess
wildlife control

makin' mess
attorney st
I love you, Spring
takoyaki octopus
hey, friends
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I’ve decided to not be sappy in this post. I made a firm decision that I will not let myself get horribly sad until the moment our car enters the Holland Tunnel and I mentally and physically say goodbye to this city with a heaving, sobbing cry. I’ve already warned my car companions of this possibility.

Instead I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves: good times were had. I arrived as one person and leave as another.

I’ll be sharing four more parts this week, stay tuned.