Hitting the dusty trail

All 22 of our boxes, shipped yesterday. This plus what can fit in our car is all we’re taking with us. Liberating, I tell ya.

Well friends, thanks for all your amazing, wonderful comments on the goodbye posts (plus your emails and tweets!). I said this on twitter yesterday, but it bears repeating: moving is so much easier when you know your internet friends are always there for you. I wish I could dig back even further through photos, but for some insane reason I saved photos at only 300px wide for a while, and I also lost all of my photos from the first year and a half of living here due to unfortunate circumstances. But there’s really nothing that interesting except for us looking so much younger (and skinnier).

We hit the road Sunday and hopefully arrive in LA next Saturday if blizzards and holiday mayhem don’t get in our way. We are armed with mixtapes (well, mix playlists? doesn’t sound as good!), audio books: Holidays On Ice and our favorite book, The Road (fitting! Though hopefully not too fitting), a bazillion podcasts like This American Life, The Moth, and Radiolab that I’ve been stocking up on, games (thank you Erin!), and books. Then I’ll have a week of exploring and settling before going back to work on the 3rd. But! Please check back with the blog during those two weeks because my bff Andrea, the original co-creator of this blog, will be guest blogging for me. I’m so excited to have her back in this space for a bit. She’ll be sharing her weekend bits and whatever else her heart desires. We’ll clearly label the posts that are from her to avoid confusion. Please give her a warm welcome, okay? I know you will. I will most likely be on twitter, too. Have a WONDERFUL holiday, everyone!

ps. my usual new year’s resolution and best music of the year post will come in the new year – too much on my mind right now!