A little tour

come on in
little nook
the loft
new plants
corner spot

I feel a bit funny posting these photos because we’re subletting this apartment (for seven months) from a blog reader, and her furniture is here for those months! But all the decor, and character I suppose, is us. We got SO fortunate to have found this place (well, technically it found me) because it’s the perfect sublet length, and there’s furniture so we didn’t have to get here and immediately blow most of our savings getting out own. There’s a downside to that too, because it means we can’t decorate too much or buy any of our own furniture, but seven months will fly by, and we have the option to stay. The location – one block from Venice beach – is amazing, too, albeit a bit nuts on the weekends and supposedly most of the summer. Luckily everything shuts down by sunset, as sleeping in silence is all I care about in the end.

While it’s technically a studio, we measured it and it’s actually the same square footage as our 2 bedroom in Queens. Yeah. It doesn’t look big in these photos, and when we got here we both couldn’t believe how much bigger it was in person than in the photos. It’s probably still incredibly small to you non-city people though, ha! I’ve never had such a large bathroom or kitchen, which is exciting. And those bay windows? Dreamy.

Tomorrow I’ll take you on a little tour of the cool apartments and houses around us, and what we’ve been up to in the past week! But because she feels left out, I thought I’d show you what Wendy’s been up to lately, like climbing up the ladder to the loft and getting stuck up there, and watching the birds endlessly out the big windows. When she climbed the ladder, we were laughing so hard we couldn’t stand up. She hopped up there like a bunny! I’ve never seen a cat adapt as well as her, something I didn’t expect from her at all.

oh no you didn't!
brave kitty
cat TV