Bits Of My Roadtrip: Part 1

hitting the road
Wendy's spot
quiet snow somewhere
rest stop
my turn
foggy Arkansas
morning birds
Oklahoma sunrise
road trip beard
Cadillac Ranch
Cadillac Ranch
Pappy, telling my fortune
Historic Route 77 Motel
somewhere in NM
Click on the photos to see possibly more info on flickr! All photos were taken with my Canon A-1 film camera using Fuji Pro 400H.

* I would like to preface this post, and this coming year in fact, by letting you know that we are phasing out the nickname Billy. From here on out he’s Will or William, as he’s turning 30 this year and couldn’t hate the name Billy more. Just letting you know to avoid confusion! No, I did not pick up a different boyfriend along the road:) *

Well friends, where do I start? First of all, a HUGE thank you to Andrea for guest blogging. It was so wonderful to stop on the trip and read her wonderful posts. Do you see why she’s my besty? Secondly, we made it to LA, problem free. Wendy was a dream – not a peep out of her the whole time, and a serious champ in hotel rooms, just hung out and enjoyed the adventure. We basically missed every scary snow storm and rain storm by a hair – only one scary moment driving through the mountains in Arizona where it was so foggy we couldn’t see in front of us – but besides that, smooth sailing. In fact, such smooth sailing that it was the most boring week EVER. Ten hours of driving a day, and not a single moment to stop and see anything cool. Not that we really could have, it was freezing and dreary all the way to Arizona and it wouldn’t have been much fun to stop and see much beyond what was at rest stops. So the best part was just seeing the change in landscape, to enter states we’d never been to, and get to know the states on the atlas (we became obsessed with the atlas). Once we got to Tennessee Will decided that we needed to document the change in landscape that started to happen, so a good portion of these photos were actually taken by him! It was fun teaching him how to use my A-1 and seeing him excited about taking photos.

Our route:

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio (stop in Columbus), a blip of West Virginia, Kentucky (stop in Bowling Green – only drove half a day), Tennessee, Arkansas (stop in Van Buren – dry county, wha?), Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico (stop in Tucumcari), Arizona (stop in Mesa with Will’s family), California (done! Venice).

The rest of the photos coming tomorrow!