Bits Of My Roadtrip: Part 2

that's more like it
here comes the snow
more AZ beauty
first saguaro sighting
Wendy at Grandma's
The 8th Day
The 8th Day
good ol' leisure world
leisuring in leisure world
back on the road
we made it!
our street
my favorite spot
Click on the photos to see possibly more info on flickr! All photos were taken with my Canon A-1 film camera using Fuji Pro 400H.

And the trip continues! Arizona was such a beautiful state, plus we stayed an extra day there at Will’s grandparent’s house in Mesa, that it gets almost an entire post to itself. I mean, just minutes into the state the scary looming clouds started to break and the sun started to peek through, making me finally feel like the trip and all the fast food (the only option on the road, I swear), highway hypnosis, and endless stretches of nothing in the winter’s silence was worth it just for those hours of beauty. I’m not a well traveled person, but I grew up in what I consider to be the most beautiful part of America (the Pacific Northwest), and driving through the back highways instead of the main freeway through Arizona was mind blowing (though slower). I drove through most of it, otherwise there would have been an entire roll of film dedicated to just that part of the drive. First it was flat and the sky was so gigantic and full of clouds it almost felt suffocating, then we drove through snowy and foggy mountains, then the lower we got the more desert-like the landscape turned and when the first saguaros started popping up, the sun gave us one hell of a sunset view. I highly recommend the drive. (FYI: From the 40 in Holbrook we took the 377 to the 277 to the 260 to the 87 -phew!) On Christmas morning (the 7th day of our journey) we set off for the last leg of our journey to LA, where California didn’t disappoint either with its own beauty, and we made record time – hitting zero traffic and pulling into Venice to our sublet while the sun was still shining. And the apartment? Well, more on that tomorrow, friends.