Bits Of My Weekend

little spot
garden quiet
happy as a clam
this & that
good morning
more! plants!
Umami heaven
pink night
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A weekend that started with showing Will’s parents a great couple days in LA. We took them to Joe’s on Abbot Kinney, where we had the best meal of our lives; another great brunch at Cora’s; the Getty, where our minds were blown by the view, the architecture, the garden (!), and barely looked at art the rest was so great; then ended the day with sushi and a walk on the beach to gawk at the freaks. They didn’t seem too excited to leave the 70+ degree weather for the 9 degrees that waited for them back in Ohio. Sunday we caught up with our errands, which included more! plants! so that our plant shelf is a bit intense now. Precisely my goal. We went shopping in Santa Monica and had Umami burgers and Mexican coke, where yet again our minds were blown by deliciousness. A really great weekend to mark one month of living here. I think LA is helping our stress levels go down and serotonin levels go up. Despite the crazy, crazy people shrieking outside our window as I type this…