Bits Of My Weekend

breakfast on the beach
the beard does Vietnamese
historic moment
Madewell socks
homemade granola
little things
the very end
library scores

A weekend of playing catch-up and taking it easy, since our previous weekends have been so jam packed with doing/going/seeing. At first I was bummed we didn’t plan any elaborate adventures, but it felt so good doing things like working on my taxes (after the fact, of course), spending some time at the library choosing good books, and making delicious homemade granola thanks to your suggestions (so many good ones! click on the granola pictures for more about what I used). Sunday it was gloomy and rainy, and everyone in the neighborhood seemed so sad about this but us. It was all anyone could talk about anywhere we went. Guys, 3/4 of a day of rain out of a whole month of sunshine? I thought rain on the beach looked rather nice, and when it finally stopped and the sun came out, everything was glistening beautifully, good as new.