Friday Bits

morning walk on the beach
morning walk on the beach
morning walk on the beach

Despite living a stone’s throw away from the beach, I’ve only set foot on the sand twice in the three weeks we’ve lived in Venice. It’s dark and deserted by the time I get home, and Will’s stories of his job searching breaks spent reading on the beach made me jealous, so this morning I decided getting up right after the sun rose to take a stroll out there would be nice. It was. I kept thinking, we live here?

Things are a little nuts right now. If I’ve ignored your email or comment lately, forgive me. I know I said I’d start back up with submissions and projects in the new year, but damn, Gina, I am exhausted. Ev-er-y-thing is different now, and LA has been good to us so far, but it’s also a wee bit stressful adjusting. Will’s trying hard to find a job, while I’m trying hard to adjust to a totally different office that’s much more corporate and for now, lacks a window to see to the outside world most of the day. Not to mention driving every day, phew! But man oh man, this 70 degree (it’s 80 today!) weather week we’re having is helping immensely. The sunshine is SO healing and energizing. As my dad said to me recently, “no more winter blues”. ‘Tis true pops, ’tis true.

I have a three-day weekend ahead of me, so Bits Of My Weekend will come Tuesday.

looking forward to:

a picnic on the beach
the observatory
lunch with blogger ladies
burgers on the grill
checking out bikes (to rent or buy)
more exploringexploringexploring

have a wonderful weekend, friends