Friday Bits

Since starting Friday Bits, I’ve been annoyed with the series’ aesthetic structure. The graphic designer in me is driven crazy by photos of different sizes going down the page, but I’m usually too busy to do anything about it. But with me only posting three times a week (if that), I decided to tidy up this series and make it more visually interested with a grid. Sometimes I may use less, sometimes more, but I set up a grid template that will hopefully make things easy to ready for Fridays.

So, onward!

1. Brown Butter Spice Cake will be made very, very soon.
2. Straw Into Gold. Stephanie always says it best when it comes to thoughts on blogging. I so struggle with the idea of creating a false world here on my blog, so her words are timely.
3. Have a professed my love for Lily’s new life in India yet?
4. The Perfect Pear sounds so worth the work.
5. Tomboy Style. Best blog ever. Made the rounds on twitter yesterday.
6. A beautiful necklace by Lucy Hutchings.
7. Charms.
8. Marian Kihogo’s style and beauty floors me.
9. Here comes the sun. See, sunshine is healing.

Have a wonderful weekend, be it full of sunshine or snow. Maybe both?