Friday Bits

It’s been a relatively uneventful week. We started running again, which is great. When you can stare at the ocean’s waves and the sun still straggling up above the palm trees pink and orange while you run, it’s definitely a plus. We grilled lamb kabobs on the communal grill in our front patio (yum!). I discovered a new route to work that winds me up a pretty hill and past a sprawling park. People are obsessed with finding the best route to work here, I’ve noticed. They’ll go to great lengths to avoid a major road, even if it means taking 30 different turns through residential neighborhoods. It cracks me up, but I admit that I love finding new ways because breaking up a monotonous routine is key to my happiness (have you noticed how much I enjoy rearranging furniture? Same concept). In fact, driving to work has become my favorite part of the day. I can crank my music up and sing at the top of my lungs, and I’m never stuck in hair-pulling traffic. The ride home is a little hairier, but at least I have my eye on the prize at that point: coming home to that wonderful boyfriend of mine. Who, by the way, agrees that life is good good good right now, but oh for the love of god, would like to find a job soon.

Anyway, I’m rambling! Onto the goods.

1. NPR reminded me I really want to make my own granola now that we eat it every morning. I like their recipes, but do you have a favorite? I want something healthy, but I’m more into crisp, sweet granola than savory.
2. Beautiful, beautiful Oregon fog.
3. Behind the scenes with how certain tricky parts of Black Swan were done. Fascinating. (UPDATE: Looks like it was already taken down on youtube, but you can watch it here now!)
4. Two blogs this week that I regularly read mentioned my favorite movie when I was a pre-teen, Now and Then. A sign? Yes.
5. Pretty underthings from Gypsy, even prettier photos. What a beautiful photoshoot by Daeja Fallas.
6. Stunning cuff by Fortune Favors The Brave, from their debut line, on Butter + Brass (a new favorite blog).
7. One of the many reasons I need a cast iron skillet: David Eyre’s Pancake recipe. Look at that thing! I don’t even need to taste it to know how good it is. via Sara.
8. BackGarage on Etsy has so many nice vintage stone/pottery pieces that tempt me so.
9. Tiny Bites by Tara, who always brings the beautiful food bar up a notch. I had something similar at The Eveleigh the other night (have you been? so good), where the lovely Joy took me (there are so many great people in LA to meet!), but I bet you a million bucks it wasn’t as good as Tara’s.

Have a great weekend! The highs here will be below 70 this weekend, what ever will I do?? I kid, I kid.