The year ahead

a toast

I wrote a ridiculously long and detailed post about what my new year’s resolution was over the past week, complete with references to motivational posters with people holding their hands outstretched in front of sunsets, and decided today that just the act of writing it, not sharing it, was all I needed. It helped me flush out what I wanted to achieve, and why on earth I’d come to the decision in the first place. It got way too personal, so I decided to re-write this to be a little simpler.

Due to such a significant change in my life, there is no better time than the present to break bad habits and start new routines. William and I have starting getting up earlier, with the goal to seize the mothereffing day (and stop watching so much damn TV before bed). We’re eating better. Soon we will start running again. Baby steps.

My own personal goals for the year (which are all directly related) are to handle criticism, critique, and lessons better. Be less sensitive. Take action more.

Last year I resolved to be less negative, and I actually took it really seriously and feel like I was pretty successful. So, now I’m a believer in these types of mindset goals. Heather mentioned that her yoga teacher told her to “figure out what you need to do to nourish yourself” this year. While some may interpret that as being a little hippie dippy, I think it’s a simple, wonderful thing to keep in mind in the new year.

Let’s charge ahead into the new year, friends, arms outstretched. Or soaring on a hang glider, whichever you prefer.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Tomorrow marks two weeks of living here. It’s starting to sink in that I’m living here and not on vacation!