The shopping ban was easy when I had a solid reason not to buy things, and now that we’re here I gotta admit, I’m feeling wanty. This was the first Christmas I didn’t get any physical Christmas gifts due to the move, so that along with getting rid of most of the things I own to make the move easier, and my new office requiring me to take it up a slight notch, leads to inevitable bookmarking of lovely things. I bought the glasses and the shoes, but the rest I need to hold myself back on. For now. Having less possessions is wonderful, but we got rid of a serious chunk of stuff! Plus, it’s been so long since I got all materialistic on you guys:)

Turkish towels (favorite Etsy find lately)
Capybara belt (via miss moss)
Vintage glasses
Dean Davidson ring (via Carol Park‘s gift picks on Fielguided)
Dieppa Restrepo heels
Jo Everything handbag (via refinery29)
Canadian Wool Blanket (it’s been freezing here at night and our place is badly insulated)

ps. Happy Birthday, Andrea Jean!! I’m so lucky to have such an amazing bff in my life and to be a bit closer to you now.