Bits Of My Weekend

grow baby grow!
pretty babes
beard papa
I waited an hour for this?
prosh paw basking
cat pen
grey pen inventory
when the beach turns pink, it's time to drink
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Kicked the weekend off with drinks and cheese with my coworkers – well, singular drink, a serious downside to this city. I don’t know how people go out here, I guess more people drink and drive than I allowed myself to believe, which makes me really sad and angry! Taking a cab home would have cost us almost $100. HA! Anyway, no drinks for me, no big deal. Saturday we started the morning off with an exciting trip to buy a mattress, then we spent the rest of the afternoon in Little Tokyo, which wasn’t quite as cool as I was hoping, but ended with a satisfying trip to Kinokuniya where I bought a cat pen, more gray pens (I have a problem, as you can see), notebooks and washi tape, so all was good. Sunday we went on an adventure looking for cheap used bikes and were totally unsuccessful, but came back home to find our neighbors in their front patio with TWO big screen TVs set up for the Super Bowl. So we grilled some burgers, drank some margaritas, and raised a glass to Wisconsin, birthplace of many Steinmans, including Will.

I will preemptively answer the question of what my nail polish is: Essie Playa Del Platinum.