Bits Of My Weekend

farmers market bounty
perfectly comfortable
olive oil bread
dwell cat
lemon mint
Flake lunch
gallery hopping
goodnight sun
rose bowl flea market
fog hour

A busy weekend that included, but was not limited to: experiencing first hand the amazing produce that’s available here year round and making an entirely local meal (never done that before), driving everywhere to visit galleries, baking bread, finally getting into Twin Peaks (wow wow wow, but do I even need to tell you that?), getting so engrossed in that New Yorker article about Scientology (downside to being on the left coast: it takes almost a week for NY mags to get to me) that we left an hour late for my next topic of discussion: The Rose Bowl Flea Market. WHOA! All caps very much deserved on that whoa. I thought I was prepared, but we were in fact not prepared. We roamed for over two hours, only to cover maybe 1/3 of it (if even that? I couldn’t see the end, I swear), leaving incredibly sunburned and with blisters on my feet. I scored a set of three marigold Pyrex mixing bowls, and Will got an 8mm camera and a super amazing/terrifying mannequin he’s going to use for an art piece. I was on the hunt for vintage beads and a little desk, but all I could find where amazing chairs and dressers, things we can’t get yet. As for beads, I saw nothing! Does anyone know if there’s a seller there who sells vintage beads? Lots of vintage jewelry, but I’m interested more in bulk/bins of just beads, taking necklaces apart doesn’t work for me. We will be back – armed with more water, food, sunscreen, and shun fashion in favor of my running shoes.

Stay tuned for a special post in place of Music Monday today!