Bits Of My Weekend

little glow
all the stars
Howard's Burgers
temporary spaceship
the cameraman
beach filming
senior fish
Union Station
mini donuts
little window
Click on the photos for possibly more information on flickr. All photos were shot with a Canon A-1 using Fujifilm Neopan SS 100, pushed two stops when developed.

First of all, I was going to split this into two posts, but they tell a story and they seemed weird split them into two. Secondly, I haven’t shot black and white film since…college maybe? It was once all I shot, because my old Pentax takes amazing black and white photos, and I was going through a pretty standard moody phase of thinking black and white was the only thing worth shooting during high school and college. But seeing Brian’s recent black and white photos really inspired me. I used to buy the cheapest black and white film I could find that I could have developed at the drugstore, but I put the word out on twitter that I was looking for something new (I LOVE twitter for advice!) and just as I suspected, Kristen had a great recommendation of Fujifilm Neopan SS, and Elissa suggested pushing 100 film to 400, which I hadn’t done in ages either. It’s funny because I’ve been online friends (livejournal, haaaay!) with both of them since the days I was still shooting black and white film in college! The results are fantastic, I’m so pleased with all of the photos that came back. I’ll definitely be shooting black and white again.

So, the weekend. I worked from home for a few hours Friday and and had Monday off, so it was a long one. An exhausting one. Will’s best friend Jarrett came in from Phoenix and stay with us for a few days, to star in a short film Will wrote and directed and our filmmaker friend Riel shot. Two different shoots – one in a temporary spaceship Will put up in our loft, and the other on the beach at 7am, after barely five hours of sleep and MANY margaritas to get us through the spaceship shoot the night before. Walking around on the beach with elaborate cameras and a man dressed in a homemade spaceman costume draws a lot of attention, but somehow we got lucky and no cops bugged us for not having a permit. I think the film turned out amazing, I’ll share when it’s done someday. We also took a trip to The Museum of Jurassic Technology, aka the most magical place on the earth, filled with beautiful, strange oddities and wonders I can’t even begin to explain without you seeing it. I can’t believe the few photos I took even came out as much as they did. I couldn’t stop thinking of Alison and Stephanie the whole time. The rest of the weekend was spent eating, thrifting, relaxing, and eating mini donuts from the cafe Will got a job at down the street. He has a kitchen to himself making sandwiches all day long, which is kind of perfect for him. It’s not exactly what he was looking for, but he actually loves the job – even though they made him shave his beard off. But now I kind of like that distinguished chin back in my life…